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Atlas Docks builds and repairs walkways.  Our typical walkways come in long and shorter sizes and are built with an arch to endure heavy weight capacity.

Long Span Walkaways
• Long Span Walkways range in lengths over 60'
  constructed using 2" x 2" x 3/16" angle

• Handrails constructed of 2" X 2" 11 gauge square tubing
  *We use 2" tubing allowing us to weld handrails with
  joint welds vs. "butt" welding angle to tubing for more support

• 2' x 2' Concrete Decking

• Our unique bridge design allows heavier load capacities, much
  higher than needed, for things like golf carts, four
  wheelers, snow, etc..

  Shorter / Typical Span Walkways
• Typical single-span Walkways range in lengths up to 60'
• Standard Width of 4'
• Standard construction of steel components of walkway and
  handrails using 2" X 2" X 11 gauge square tubing and
  2" x 2" x 3/16" angle

• Our unique bridge design allows heavier load capacities,
  much higher than needed

Atlas Docks carries the following accessories for your dock
• First Quality 26 Gauge R-Panel Metal Roofing
• Galvanized Zee Purlin
• Galvanized Square Tubing
• Corner, Horizontal Or Vertical Bumper (Black or White)
• Winches and Cable
• Ladders including wet steps, 4 and 5 step aluminum
• Variety of nuts, bolts, and screws
• Boat Lifts
• Storage and/or Bar Sheds
• Concrete or Composite Decking
• And Much More

Feel free to call or email for more dock accessories

Our company does welding repair and fabrication on aluminum and steel.  Is your dock in need of repair, or in need of new floatation ?  Give us a call and we will be happy to arrange for a free estimate.

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Quality and Endurance

We perform all of our work - dock construction,
repairs, additions, welding, and maintenance
-- with quality and endurance.

We offer complete dock service including: new
residential and commercial docks, slip additions,
raised roof additions, lift work,aluminum welding,
preventative maintenance, impressible repair work,

We take pride in offering our customers
the service they expect and deserve.

We will offer you fair and competitive pricing, and
we will go above and beyond your expectations.

We're also a Realtor Friendly operation.

Atlas Docks, LLC is family owned and operated !!!
Atlas Docks is a certified dock building company
#CDB-42 so we are fully insured.

What we do

Atlas Docks, LLC is a complete dock and barge service company.  We build a strong quality dock for endurance and our repairs are conducted the same way.  We also have a preventative maintenance program geared to help save our customers money.

What We Offer

• Residential and Commercial Docks
• Additions       • Repairs       • Maintenance
• Lift repair and installation
• Aluminum welding
• Fabrication      •Dock pushing
• Columns and beams
• Anchor and buoy drops

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Call us for information on a preventative maintenance package tailored for you at a low monthly cost. Protect your investment. Or you could email us below for a free estimate on a new dock, repair of an existing dock or information on our preventative maintenance package.

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