“My wife, Chris & I have been customers of Matt and Atlas Docks since early 2005. Atlas has installed two brand new complete dock systems for us at tow lakefront homes on Horseshoe Bend in that time. We have been very satisfied with the materials, construction, planning, and installation on both of our purchases. Our docks were both in “rough water” settings and both docks have held up exceptionally well. Both docks were in place during the November 30, 2007 ice storm. Both weathered the storm without incident! We have had no significant service calls on our docks in the years that we have owned them. We have, however, been very impressed with the response we received from Atlas, even for minor service calls. Matt has gone well out of his way for us to make sure even smallest matters are taken care of quickly. Matt and Kristen have proven themselves to be timely, reliable, serious, and caring business resources to us. As a result of their good business relationship with us, we now consider ourselves fortunate enough to call these good people our friends. We do not give out our recommendations freely. In this case, our recommendation has been repeatedly earned! And we are glad to give it!”