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“We have been customers of Atlas Docks since 2005 and are extremely satisfied with the services provided by Matt and his staff. A couple of times during the past several years we have had issues that have needed quick attention and Matt has always responded quickly and resolved the problem.

Recently, we had a false scare that our dock was emitting electricity into the water. Obviously, this was a serious situation and after getting this report from the neighborhood realty office I immediately called Matt. He answered and reassured me that he would take care of the problem. In less than 30 minutes the electrician was there to check on the dock. Luckily, our dock was not causing the electrical problems that had been reported. We were so relieved. It gives us peace of mind to know that we have a reliable, dependable and honest company to work with. Thanks, Matt we appreciate all you do. We would definitely recommend Atlas Docks to anyone.”

Cheryl & Leo

“I want to thank you again for the great service we have received from you over the years. The new dock you built us has just been great and in my mind one of the nicest looking docks on the lake. The extra effort you put into building us a quality dock that will stand for years is a testament to the type of product you put out. We could not be more pleased with both our boat dock and separate swim dock. What few small issues we have had have been quickly and professionally taken care of. We count on all our vendors here to make sure the property is always looking and operating its best and you are one of our best vendors.

Thank you to you and your team for all you do for us, we look forward to a very long-term relationship with Atlas Dock.”

Kevin D.

Duckhead Point

“Atlas Docks built my new dock approximately 7 years ago. I received a competitive price on two well docks with additional PWC slips. The dock is great and Matt has provided excellent “after the sale” service. Several years ago, during the ice/snow storm that destroyed many docks at the lake, my dock stood strong! This year due to a new boat purchase, Matt has extended my dock by two feet in width and four feet in length. You can’t tell it’s been expanded…looks like it was originally built that way! I would recommend Atlas Docks in a heart beat. You won’t be disappointed.”

Dick W.

“THANK YOU! On behalf of all, and I mean “All” of us that have slips at Grandview Marina, we thank you and the employees of Atlas Docks for the quality of the work your company has completed at our location.

Atlas Docks was referred to us by one of our homeowners, Kevin Brown, based upon his experience with your company. The condition of our docks and their encompassing 66 slips was one of deterioration resulting from minimum maintenance over the last 6 – 7 years. Atlas Docks was able to access our repair needs on an “immediate” and a “can be delayed” basis and proceeded accordingly.

We believed Atlas Docks estimates to be fair and as the work proceeded our boaters found their employees to be most courteous and professional. Our recommendations will surely follow.”

A. Curt S.

Grandview Homeowners Marine Association

“My wife, Chris & I have been customers of Matt and Atlas Docks since early 2005. Atlas has installed two brand new complete dock systems for us at tow lakefront homes on Horseshoe Bend in that time. We have been very satisfied with the materials, construction, planning and installation on both of our purchases. Our docks were both in “rough water” settings and both docks have held up exceptionally well. Both docks were in place during the November 30, 2007 ice storm. Both weathered the storm without incident!

We have had no significant service calls on our docks in the years that we have owned them. We have, however, been very impressed with the response we received from Atlas, even for minor service calls. Matt has gone well out of his way for us to make sure even smallest matters are taken care of quickly.

Matt and Kristen have proven themselves to be timely, reliable, serious, and caring business resources to us. As a result of their good business relationship with us, we now consider ourselves fortunate enough to call these good people our friends.

We do not give out our recommendations freely. In this case, our recommendation has been repeatedly earned! And we are glad to give it!”

Rich K.

Grandview Homeowners Marine Association

“Atlas Docks installed did an outstanding job on a new underwater brace for my dock. Everything went very smoothly and I could not be happier. This was a very good improvement to my dock and should help stabilize it for years to come. The visit to the house, estimate, and installation went great, I am a very satisfied customer, and I will use them again.”

Mark E.

“I have been doing business with Matt and Atlas Docks for some 8 years and I would not ever call another dock builder. He has been extremely attentive to my requests, understands my needs, and always has a fix that works and that is affordable. He has been called by me on weekends and holidays for emergencies and has never let me down.


Pete B.

“Atlas Docks did an outstanding job on a new underwater brace for my dock. Everything went very smoothly and I could not be happier. This was a very good improvement to my dock and should help stabilize it for years to come. The visit to the house, estimate, and installation went great and I am a very satisfied customer and I will use them again.”

Mark E.